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High Performance Training Wushu Dao

High Performance Training Wushu Dao

This quality saber meets the high demands of Wushu training. A simple and simple design with only the best materials. Made of a stainless high-performance blade and solid wenge wood. From a height of 180cm, you should take the 30-inch version.

The blade goes through the handle and is screwed onto the end piece. The blade lies perfectly in the handle without rattling.

The simple design gives the sword a reserved character. The saber is simple but highly functional.

The blade can be bent over 90 degrees without deformation. We can also mount a stiff blade on request - but this is not ideal for traditional training.

The solid wenge wood is firmly screwed to the fittings and protects the blade from external influences for a lifetime.

The design can vary slightly as each saber is a unique piece and not a mass product. Colors and design are therefore not final and can change slightly.

This masterpiece of fine craftsmanship is made upon order for you. Give us 1 or 2 weeks. For this, you get the usual Wudang World quality.

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