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Masterful Hand-Forged Gentleman Tai Chi Jian

Masterful Hand-Forged Gentleman Tai Chi Jian

The solid forms of this hand-forged sword are made of high-quality materials. The sword is made of solid wenge wood and full metal fittings. The 30-inch version is recommended for people over 180cm, the 28-inch version for over 160cm and the 26-inch version for less than 160cm height.

The blade goes completely through the handle and has been attached to the handle to avoid rattling. It feels like a solid piece, very high quality, not a cheap commodity. The sword is designed for daily training for fast explosive, but also slow and flowing movements.

The sword tip was perfectly balanced by the swordsmith to ensure speed and balance. This sword is a real weapon for the gentleman with clear ambitions.

Wengen wood is one of the most resistant woods and crucial for the longevity of the sword. The sword accompanies the wearer for life.

It is nice that swordsmithing and sword art is revived in Wudangshan. This sword is one of the best that Wudang has to offer and is sure to bring a lot of joy to the owner.

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