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Modern Taoist Cloud Shoes

Modern Taoist Cloud Shoes

The modern cloud shoes from Wudangshan have a new foam sole that is particularly soft and flexible. The sole is a little thicker and protects the foot from cold surfaces. Therefore, the foot can also be worn in summer but is particularly useful in spring and autumn when it is a little colder.

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The insole has a triple membrane that protects the foot from bumps, cold and sweating. This is very good for long tai chi exercises in relatively cold terrain.

Our non-slip sole offers stability in all directions and the honeycomb structure supports rotary movements, which are often performed in Tai Chi.

The built-in Eva net on the inside prevents the foot from moving and prevents the heel from slipping, which stabilizes the base.

The natural curvature of the soft sole makes it easier to roll your toes and heels. Every step should remain a natural movement.

It is the natural shape that gives our shoe its natural beauty. This shoe is very efficient for professional use and is already used by professionals. Exclusive in our shop! for those who want to support our culture and work. Thank you for your support and recognition of our efforts!

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