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New Generation High Profile Breathable Taoist Cloud Shoes

New Generation High Profile Breathable Taoist Cloud Shoes

The latest generation of Taoist Wudang cloud shoes not only testifies to the best quality and a new, higher-profile but also to the proven Taoist craft which is known for its durability. The sole has a high profile but retains its extreme flexibility, which is urgently needed for Tai Chi and Kung Fu practice. These shoes come in two different colors: black and white

Size chart:

The breathable structure in the spaces ensures extreme comfort and airiness in summer.This prevents sweating and unpleasant wetness.

The heels are shock-absorbing to protect the knees from high jumps. The black version is recommended for outdoor.

The white sole is ideal for indoor sports. The insole has shock-absorbing properties. The design is functional and looks very elegant.

The cloud shoes have been a popular shoe for tai chi practitioners for generations. The new generation of cloud shoes offers modern comfort and convenience with the usual functionality.

Our shop lives from sustainability and quality and is very proud to be able to offer you this new shoe!

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