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Original Hand-Forged Wudang Jian

Original Hand-Forged Wudang Jian

The original sword of the Wudang mountains, hand-forged with a variable blade length. 34 inches is for people over 180 cm, and the 30-inch version is for people over 160 cm, everyone under 160 cm should choose the 28-inch version.

The special thing about this sword is the low center of gravity that supports fast and explosive movements. The closer the center of gravity of the sword is in the hand, the easier it is to guide. Despite its size, the resistance of the sword feels very low. The sword makes it clear to the wearer where to go, it can be guided smoothly.

The blade is semi-flexible and goes through the entire handle, which means there are no rattling noises or other defects. This sword design surpasses the normal Tai Chi sword in all its features, it is the preferred sword in Wudang schools and is highly valued by many Wudang masters.

The original Wudang sword is in a class of its own and knows no competition. It is the perfect practice sword that will delight any master. This sword is of high quality, it usually lasts a lifetime and can withstand professional demands.

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