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Original Wudang Socks

Original Wudang Socks

The Wudang socks are similar to those of the Shaolin. It has always been common for these schools, which live high up in the mountains, to have adequate protection against wind and cold.

Size chart:

The socks have reinforced soles and heels so that they last a long time and protect the wearer. The fabric is made of pure cotton and is therefore pleasant for the skin without triggering allergies.

The socks not only look good, they also give you an airy, comfortable fit. These socks are often worn by the Taoists in the Wudang Mountains.

You can lace the socks comfortably so that they are firmly attached to the foot. The socks are best worn with Taoist cloud shoes. You can find them here!

These socks are made to order by hand. It usually takes an hour for a pair of socks! Thank you for your support and I hope you like it.

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