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Professional Tai Chi Fan All Colors

Professional Tai Chi Fan All Colors

Tai Chi fans are designed to be opened by force to make a loud noise. The fan here has no frills and is intended for professional use in kung fu and tai chi. The full width of the fan is 63 cm and the height is 33 cm. Since each fan is purely handmade, the dimensions can vary slightly.

The fan has no sharp edges all around, as is usually the case with cheap fans. The material is made of very resistant plastic and keeps the color for a long time.

In the kung fu area, such fans are often used for performances where the function must be guaranteed.

The fan is connected centrally with a screw that is very easy to move, making quick movements easy.

The front part is roughly sandblasted so that the thumb cannot slip off. The thumb is the most important finger when practicing; it holds the fan in place and in your hand.

The fan has been designed for performance and function and also withstands professional requirements.

The folded fan is very compact and fits perfectly into the included bag.

After ordering, we need about 3 days to manufacture your fan. We have some colors in stock, then it will be faster. Thank you for your patience and support, have fun!

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