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Casual Kung Fu Master Premium Shirt Blue

This elegant shirt is made anti-allergic and environmentally conscious.

Professional Tai Chi Fan All Colors

Tai Chi fans are designed to be opened by force to make a loud noise.

Wudang Taoist V-Neck Uniform Blue

There is not much more you need if you already have such a uniform.

Wudang Training Pants Blue

These pants are worn in every training session in Wudang.

Traditional Taoist Uniform + Overcoat Blue

This is a traditional uniform with a long-sleeved overcoat.

Traditional Wudang Taoist Uniform Blue

Traditional blue Wudang uniform of the Taoist monks in China.

Wudang Padded Winter Coat Blue

The thick warm winter coat of the Wudang monks.

Wudang Open Folded Sleeves Tai Chi Uniform Blue

The blue is the typical traditional Taoist color in the Wudang Temple.