Store /30-inch

Classic Wudang Tai Chi Sword

It is well balanced and feels good in the hand.

High Performance Training Wushu Dao

This quality saber meets the high demands of Wushu training.

Traditional Hand-Forged Wudang Wushu Dao

A classic, high-quality Wushu saber for training purposes, extremely stable and compact with a sheath.

Masterful Hand-Forged Gentleman Tai Chi Jian

The real weapon of a gentleman is this extraordinary Tai Chi sword.

Traditional Hand-Forged Tai Chi Jian

This is an excellent traditional sword for Tai Chi exercises.

Wudang Hand-Forged Tai Chi Jian

The classic Wudang tai chi sword for daily training.

Original Hand-Forged Wudang Jian

This sword usually lasts a lifetime and can withstand high demands.