Taoist Philosophy: The Story of Confucius

Taoist Philosophy: The Story of Confucius

Confucius is known by his Latin name, his family name is Kong and his first name is Qiu. Kong Qiu is a man of the people and therefore always an issue when it comes to education and politics. The story of Confucius in his life and speeches is strongly inspired by Laozi's teachings but on a more personal level. He always had the power to encourage people to understand the common good and common interests. Kong Qiu was a master of the six arts, which at that time was the required training for the citizens. The six arts were rites, music, archery, charioteering, calligraphy and math. Being a master of all six arts is what makes a real gentleman.

I'm pretty sure you already know a lot about Kong Qiu. We skip the introduction here and go straight into his philosophy and methods.

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Making people understand

A critical part of Kong Qui's philosophy is that what you want someone else to do can be compared to people connected to him, and for that reason, there must be the opposite. Even if the situation does not apply to everyone, Kong Qiu is real to make people understand. This is how fights are won without using military force.

Not in harmony

Mankind's dreams are always an issue in Kong Qiu's teachings, so Kong Qiu sometimes got to a bad point when he was overly ambitious. If you can't really let go of holding on to the "nature of men's dreams", the future will stagnate. Kong Qiu, a true gentleman, always found many to whom he agreed and many who disapproved of his ideas.


Kong Qiu's' ideals are based on a change from the inside out. Some may think Laozi's teaching is impractical, but Kong Qiu's' method is also not flawless. If a gentleman can change the world, he should start with it.

Kong Qiu tried to cross the boundaries between the way of nature and the way of people. His actions had many consequences that made him much wiser and an inspiration for everyone. It also shows the fundamental difference between the teachings of Laozi. If you believe in humanity, you have to believe in yourself.

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