Taoist Philosophy: The Story of Laozi

Taoist Philosophy: The Story of Laozi

Laozi is a superficial name and a title that has been achieved through social respect. Lao 老 stands for "old" and Zi 子 literally means "master". Pinyin: Lǎozǐ (both symbols are pronounced with the third tone above the sign, the third tone falls off and then rises again.)

It is believed that during the Zhou period (most likely between the 6th and 4th centuries BC), Laozi was archivist of the royal court. According to legend, he never had a school, but instead attracted many students who were inspired by his teachings.

Watch the movie

This is a great way to gain insight into Laozi's practical understanding of his teachings (Tao Te Ching). During the film, he is faced with many different situations and solve them without forcing anything. Watch the film here:

Laozi is considered the author of Tao Te Ching, but by the time you read this, you probably already know that this information is available across the Internet. I will skip the introduction here and explain its cause and teaching directly:

The way of the tao

Laozi describes two ways of Tao, the way of man and the way of nature. If both worlds harmonize, we call it Ziran 自然 (zìrán) because it is the same source at the end and at the beginning. The path of the Tao for humans is called Wuwei 無爲 (wúwéi). Everything against our nature is against the Tao.

How to understand it?

Laozi always looks from a viewer's perspective. See yourself in the mirror. What is harmony and what is our nature? We will not be able to understand without our personal interest and previous experience. That is the reason why children are very inspiring for a Taoist understanding. The biggest difference in Laozi's teachings is the influence of the environment and the situation. Combining the "whole" and finding the "source of all things" in the "here and now" is the key to Laozi's understanding.

We ask basic questions about why we are here. What do we do? But in the end, we stop asking and find harmony in our being simply by being here in this environment and in our situation. If someone is out of harmony, the person will stand out like a mountain near a lake.

Laozi 's teachings identify the truth about every little thing that is inside and share a common course that is ultimately the path of the Tao. This is the real meaning of our inspiration and the freedom to achieve it. According to the laws of nature, the paradox of yin and yang can be found in everything. Everything can be beautiful or ugly, everything can be changed if the right situation is present, which is determined by the nature and nature of the person.

Doing the natural is not always the easiest, but also not the most difficult. It is the way to direct your energy towards your nature. Give him maximum attention and you will see yourself in the world. How do we learn to know? Purify your mind and focus on breathing, the most important exercise in our lives.

The source of life

The source of life is always the same but is understood differently for everyone. Resetting people who believe in a natural state is important to find the true meaning of the truth behind your existence. Overcome the obstacles that stand in your way when you understand and play like a child, become aware of your luxury and do not stick to small things. This way you will find that your environment is acceptable and approaching the Tao.

Those who have never had to harvest to buy food do not appreciate the farmers, the harvest, the risks and ultimately the food. Our basic nature never changes, and if you think too much of yourself, you cannot go down the mountain.

Wuji and Taiji

All energies are generated from Wuji (emptiness) in the moment of true nothing, there will also be yin and yang. As soon as heaven's will is realized, Taiji will appear. What we recognize as our truth will give taiji strength.

Be the weakest to be the strongest

Laozi's understanding is the essence of all truth and its source in it. Water continues to flow and is not hurt by the sharpest objects, no one can stop it, but at the same time, it is the most sensitive and lowest source on earth, washing away every past and always looking for new ways.

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