The development of the Wudang sword

The development of the Wudang sword

The Wudang sword developed from the internal arts. The founder of the internal arts is known as Zhang Sanfeng. Legend has it that he invented the art known today as Tai Chi. Therefore, internal Wudang art is today declared as the lineage of Zhang Sanfeng - also known as Sanfengpai.

Principles of the internal arts

It is much more complex since the internal art is declared in eight gates today. The names of these gates are Tài Jí Mén, Xíng Yì Mén, Bā Guà Mén, Bā jí Mén, Xuán Zhēn Mén, Bā Xiān Mén, Liù Hé Mén, Jiǔ Gōng Mén.

The eight gates have different focuses, but it's about learning to use internal energy. Unfortunately, this art is marketed often enough. The truth is that this practice of internal energy works on a scientific and medical level. It is about controlling your own focus and the external movements controlled by it. This stores energy because we don't need more strength for external movements.

The shape of the Wudang sword

The Wudang sword design is very different from the classic Tai Chi sword. The sword has been optimized to hold the weight in your hand as much as possible. Hence the larger weighted handle. The advantage is physical since the narrowest possible focus can better control the movements of your own focus. A more distant center of gravity would slow down the movements of your own center and require more strength, which is why we speak of increased resistance.

Optimize the Wudang sword

Through practice, you are less busy bringing the sword where it should be, but the sword shows you the way. Due to its physical properties, the Wudang sword is faster in movements and quieter in static positions. Any additional weight causes vibrations in your hand, which you must suppress with your breathing to increase the Qi circulation. It takes practice to keep a sword steady for a long time, the tendons become elastic and optimize themselves. The sword is therefore generally heavier, but the closer center of gravity makes it easier to hold. The blade can also be forged longer without really affecting performance. Wudang swords are faster, longer and easier to use than classic tai chi swords when the user has mastered the internal arts.

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Wudang anime
Written by Kőrösi Andràs on February 23, 2020
The japanese dragon ball anime series use taoist pyshical.