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Traditional Hand-Forged Wudang Wushu Dao

Traditional Hand-Forged Wudang Wushu Dao

A classic, high-quality Wushu saber for training purposes, extremely stable and compact with a sheath. This saber made of high-quality wenge wood holds many generations. The 30-inch version should be used for people over 180 cm. Over 160 cm should use 28 inches and under 160 cm should choose 26 inches.

The fittings are made of solid metal and the center of gravity is very well balanced. There is no rattling because the blade goes through the handle and is fixed at the end.

The solid shapes inspired the blacksmith and give the user the necessary prestige. The fittings are nailed and glued together to last a lifetime.

This saber tells an elaborate story. When manufacturing this saber, great value was placed on craftsmanship. The saber was developed for daily training without breaking quickly.

This distinguishes cheap goods from real Chinese masterpieces. The saber should support the wearer in all aspects and should not be an obstacle.

This elaborately handcrafted saber is unique in its manufacture, which is why each saber has slight color or decoration differences.

The scabbard and the saber fit together perfectly to protect the saber from rust and other influences in the long term. The blade is flexible for traditional wushu training and easy to care for. Simply wipe dry to avoid rust.

As unique as this design may be, it is only surpassed by its performance and sustainability. A heavy quality saber for professional users.

The blade is made of high-quality spring steel and can bend over 90 degrees without deforming.

When you order the saber, the Wudang master blacksmith gets to work immediately! It usually takes 1 to 2 weeks for your unique piece to be finished!

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