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Traditional Wudang Bagua Dao

Traditional Wudang Bagua Dao

Traditional Bagua Dao with variable weight. How heavy you want your Bagua Dao is depending heavily on the needs of the user. We, therefore, offer different weights to adapt the Bagua Dao to your wishes. Please be careful when choosing your weight, as the leverage effect on a 100 cm blade is very high and the weight feels heavier than it is. The overall length is 140cm!

The Bagua Dao is known as the crowning glory of the saber and there are few who can really handle it today. From the circular movements and the acceleration by the Dantian, the Taoists create fast-moving sequences for which normal people usually lack the strength.

The processing of this Bagua Dao is like no other, the materials are extremely high quality and the saber should last a lifetime. Since each saber is unique, small deviations can occur.

Only the best Wengen wood is used for the Bagua Dao so that the handle can hold the solid blade. The heavy blade goes through the handle and rattling is not possible. With the Baguadao, the top-heaviness is often an advantage because it accelerates the longer lever from the Bagua steps better.

The Baguadao is mainly used by masters and advanced students. It is supposed to be an enlargement of the body, beginners find this difficult and fight against the heavy peculiarities of this chunky saber.

However, once the saber has been mastered the living art of the Baguadao is respected by everyone. Thank you for maintaining this culture.

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