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Traditional Wudang Winter Cloud Boots

Traditional Wudang Winter Cloud Boots

The snow falls in thick flakes high up on the Wudang mountains. In winter, the monks and priests need warm winter boots. In proven traditional tailor quality.

Size chart:

The thickly padded interior keeps your feet warm even in the deepest snow. Especially the ankles, which move a lot and have to do a lot in the mountains in winter, remain pleasantly warm.

The extremely resistant outdoor sole can withstand stony terrain. Usually, in modern shoes, the sole rubs off and you have to buy new ones, but here the sole lasts as long as the shoe lasts. The shoes are unique in their durability.

It takes about a week before I can send you the shoes. The joints stay comfortably warm with this shoe and nothing stands in the way of your Tai Chi exercises. In addition, cold feet are not good for the Qi-circulation.

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