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Wudang Black Long Jacket

Wudang Black Long Jacket

An open long-sleeved jacket with double-stitched collar. It looks very elegant and can also be worn over normal clothes, it also looks very cool over Taiji clothes. The material is a pleasant mix of linen and cotton. This type of jacket is often worn by trainers in Wudang schools, it is very comfortable and quickly protects the wearer from sudden drizzle.

We have prefabricated these jackets in various standard sizes:

Size (CM)



M 98 43
L 102 45
XL 106 46
2XL 110 48
3XL 114 49

The material is very light and will resonate elegantly with the movements.

Black is the color of authority and is mainly worn by trainers and masters in Wudang schools.

Multi-stitch collar, elegant and high quality. I hope you enjoy our overhang and find it as comfortable as I do!

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