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Wudang Cloud Shoes Indoor

Wudang Cloud Shoes Indoor

Typical Taoist shoes from the Wudang mountains. The elaborately sewn fabric sole consists of many layers of cotton that have been carefully sewn together several times. This sole is particularly durable indoors.

Size chart:

The insole is sewn several times from three levels of thick cotton. The sole therefore gives a very thin feel, you feel very close to the ground. This makes it easier to do certain balance exercises calmly.

The shoe is very stable but extremely light. You don't sweat inside and the foot is kept comfortably cool. These shoes are sewn very laboriously and qualitatively by hand.

For professionals who work in Tai Chi and Wu Shu, this shoe is preferable. It withstands the professional demands and offers the best wearing comfort during training. It may feel a bit unusual at first, but the shoe adapts very well to your own foot.

I need about 3 to 5 days for these shoes. They are carefully handmade and durable for a long time. It is the best quality that Wudangshan has to offer.

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