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Wudang Hand-Forged Tai Chi Jian

Wudang Hand-Forged Tai Chi Jian

The classic Wudang tai chi sword for daily training. The Tai Chi sword design is one of the most coveted and often makes it easier for students to get started with more complex sword-arts. Anyone over 180 cm should take the 30-inch version, then over 165 cm the 28-inch version and anyone under 165 cm should take the 26-inch version.

What is reserved for the Wudang Tai Chi sword is its stability and quality construction. The blade goes through the handle as far as it will go, guaranteeing the user absolute stability without rattling.

The engravings are painstakingly hammered in by hand. The fittings are nailed and glued together, and only the best rosewood is used to ensure a high-quality construction.

The blade is flexible over 90 degrees without deforming. This ensures optimal performance for explosive and fast movements. The stainless spring steel has been highly polished and the chrome part prevents quick rusting. To keep the blade in good condition, just wipe it dry after training so it stays beautiful for a long time.

Whether a master or student, this sword is for everyone. It supports the elegant movements and extravagant skills of a master and teaches a beginner the best possible use of the sword.

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