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Wudang Kungfu Staff Two Stainless Steel Sections

Wudang Kungfu Staff Two Stainless Steel Sections

In Wudang, the staff plays an important role in practice. In densely populated areas, it is often better to transport the staff more discreetly. Our solution is a stainless steel thread with high durability. The thread is very difficult to bend due to external influences.

The section is made of A30 steel and is therefore extremely resistant. The section goes very generously into the wood so that the rod is firmly connected to the thread.

The wax wood and section have been sand polished so that there are no rough edges or raised corners. Wax wood is also very elastic and pliable and does not splinter.

It was also considered that the section does not change the gravity center. Each section is checked and carefully balanced.

There is also a shoulder bag for you included! I hope you enjoy it and train hard! If you jump on the stick, take the thicker ones! The poles are very resilient and can withstand this very well. A person over 90 kg should have a diameter of 3.2 cm.

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