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Wudang Summer Cloud Shoes

Wudang Summer Cloud Shoes

We have once again optimized the traditional Taoist cloud shoes for the summer months. These shoes keep your feet breathing even at degrees like 43 Celcius. The feet are cooled very well during training and the comfort is unsurpassed.

Size chart:

As with the traditional version, the extremely thin hard rubber sole is also used here - ideal for outdoor use. The sole is extremely abrasion-resistant and lasts for many years.

This type of shoe has been used daily for training in Wudangshan for decades. Now there is the airier version with mesh inserts to optimize air circulation. The shoes are slightly lighter than the original version and are very good for martial arts practice.

These shoes are hand sewn by me to ensure the usual Wudang quality. A shoe like this takes about a week to work before I can send it to you! Please note our size table so that the shoe really fits you!

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